Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Month of Thanks Day 8

Day 8: 4 Seasons

After growing up in Florida and spending the first 23-and three quarter years of my life living where the seasons were commonly referred to as hot, hotter, and hottest, moving to Colorado allowed me to experience all four seasons for the first time and brought on a new love and appreciation for not only the seasons, but the activities which abound with each as well! Despite no longer living in Colorado, I am so thankful we get to experience all four seasons in Colorado. Below are just a few of our favorite things about each season here in Alabama.
  • Changing of the leaves, pumpkin patches, and sitting on the porch enjoying happy hour in crisp cool air in the Fall
  • Snow and glistening ice on the barren branches, and snuggling under cozy blankets while drinking hot cocoa or the perfect cup of coffee in the Winter
  • Magnolia trees, Japanese cherry blossoms, and hundreds of azaleas in full bloom while being able to kayak down the rivers and enjoy a picnic lunch under the refreshing sun in the Spring
  • Farmers Markets, days spent at the lake, evenings spent grilling and watching the lightning bugs flitter in the yard, and weekends spent camping and building bonfires in the Summer


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  1. What a beautiful, bountiful world God has created for each of us to enjoy. Live life to the fullest upon this earth, underneath the ever changing, beautiful skies.