About Me

I am an athlete, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a new blogger who is passionate about fitness, nutrition, sports, and life!! After an internal battle with myself I have decided I did not waste the past nine years of my life in school and working in different realms within the sports/ fitness industry, as that is my passion and it's time I take charge and turn my passion into a flourishing career. I love helping others see what they can do for themselves with a little hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of heart!! 

I am a certified personal trainer, previous track & field coach, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. I have nearly 10 years experience working with clients and athletes in varying realms and have also taught a variety of group fitness classes and bootcamps. I love creating new kick-butt outdoor workouts which require little or no equipment, almost as much as I love turning 'favorite foods' into healthy, amazing meals :)

After completing my Masters Degree in May, I moved to Auburn, Alabama as my husband will be working on his PhD in Sports Biomechanics at Auburn University. As a University of Florida alum and a huge Gators fan, this transition may prove to be hard but War Eagle (unless they are playing the Gators)!!!  

After having been in Auburn for nearly two months now I have realized there is not near the fitness-minded/outdoorsy/healthy community that I love and as such have plans to change that.