Sunday, November 6, 2011

Month of Thanks Day 6

Day 6: J-O-B

I am thankful to have a job. Though my current full-time job is not in the field I love and have a passion for, it is a job which provides a decent salary and a steady income, and I am still able to do personal training, program design, and teach group fitness classes part-time. Though there are days when I am dis-heartened and feel defeated, I am thankful to have an office to go to each day and a pay check deposited into my account every 2-weeks. Though there are times when I feel under-appreciated and under-paid, I know I am good at my job and have made a positive impact in our community and helped save lives. So while my job may not be what I love, I still give my all each and every day and close my office door knowing I am making a difference every day! 

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  1. Though there are times when most anyone feels under-appreciated and under-paid, but to know one is good at his/her job, is making a positive impact in their community, and helping to save lives is beyond commendable.

    While your job may not be what you love, to give your all, each and every day before closing your office door, knowing you are making a difference, is more than most can say any day!

    What the world needs now is more energetic, positive, productive, young ladies like you.