Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not Even Close

This was supposed to get posted yesterday, but alas, it spent the night in my drafts folder :) Sometimes I think I am figuring out this blog world and then I realize I am no where even close!!
**Bangs head on desk**

Anyhow, on to some positivity....somewhat productive day, got some prep work done for a bootcamp series I plan to jump start next month, as well as a trip to EarthFare and Publix, along with an hour of hardcore tennis with the hubs (which was workout #2 of the day)!! This was my first time visiting EarthFare, as they just recently opened in Auburn, and let me just say it was love at first site!! It reminded me of Whole Foods, which I have missed terribly since moving from Colorado Springs last year. Though admittedly smaller than Whole Foods, it is still great to have the variety of healthy, organic products and unique foods EarthFare has to offer in my hometown.

Off to make homemade white pizza with spinach and caramelized onions to enjoy while watching America's Got Talent!!

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