Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fish Outta Water

Heading out for an hour bike ride with the hubs since we both have the day 'off work'. I make no bones about it.....I am not a cyclist, but I have been trying to turn my distance runner self into a cyclist, as it's easier on my poor knees which have suffered years of abuse, is a great workout and most importantly, my husband loves cycling. Since we enjoy working out together and I have distant dreams of doing a triathlon one-day, I pull my heavily-padded bike shorts on, strap my helmet down and force my butt to stay in the saddle for an hour at least once a week!! Oh and try to smile and act like I'm loving it at the same time :) I think I am finally about to progress out of pre-beginner stage and buy a pair of clips, so I can start pretending like I am a real cyclist!!

Before I head out, a quick run-down of yesterday's eats (sorry for lack of pics):
Breakfast: Chobani greek yogurt mixed with some Stacy's cinnamon pita chips (this was amazingly yum!)
Lunch: Morningstar Asian Veggie burger with a slice of smoked gouda chez (wish I could eat more, but days I work at the hospital, I am limited to ~20 minutes and I am a very slow-eater)
Snack: Pretzel Rods and some M & Ms (unhealthy i know, but its what I munched on while driving the 60+miles home from work)
Dinner: Homemade white pizza topped w/ veggies (I will post pic and recipe later today, but let's just say it was AMAZING!!)
Snack: Organic triple chocolate chip cookies

I am not a fan of the fact that I don't get the opportunity to eat any snacks while at work and only get 20 minutes for lunch, but its just part of the job that I am trying to adjust to :) At least I only work at the hospital 3 days/week!!!

Look for a post-workout post later this afternoon, along with a couple unique recipes (almond cheese & kale chips) I plan on creating today!!

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