Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soul Crushin' Boot Camp

I've been called many things by clients, but soul crusher is a new one, and I can't lie...I like it!! I especially like it when it comes from someone who has run 2 marathons, numerous half-marathons, a century bike ride, and a couple triathlons to boot! I am talking about blogger and author extraordinaire, Caitlin Boyle of Healthy Tipping Point and creator of Operation Beautiful! Caitlin had been itching to do a  Boot Camp, but after tweeting about how time and $$ were an obstacle, I jumped at the opportunity to offer her a personally-designed bootcamp, she could do with her Charlotte BFF, Nicole!
After-all, designing kick-ass workouts are my specialty and what my business is based on. Plus, I have trained hundreds of clients both in-person and at a distance, so I knew this would be just one more fun adventure!

Before designing the workout, I knew Caitlin was in great endurance shape and was looking to gain a little strength, so I based her boot camp design on those key factors!  This bootcamp can be done completely outdoors (no need for gym memberships), requires only a medicine ball, resistance band, and their bodies (though from the sounds of Day 1, a strong mind and dedicated heart are essentials as well)!! Check out the first 2 weeks of Caitlin & Nicole's Boot Camp program below:
**Videos of all exercises can be found on my YouTube channel.

Weeks 1 & 2
Design: 2-3sets * 10 reps
Recov: 60sec btwn sets of each circuit; 2-3mins btwn changing circuits
Ie: Complete all exercises in Circuit #1 back to back with no rest, once all exercises are done, rest 60 sec, then complete Circuit #1 1-2 more times, following same sequence. Once you have completed 2-3 sets of Circuit #1, rest 2-3mins, then move to Circuit #2, and follow same format as above for recovery periods!                

Circuit #1:                                                        Circuit #2:
Push-up Walks                                        MB Push-ups
Bench Dips                                             Shoulder Touches
Box Hop w/ Squat                                   Lat Lunge w/ Push-off
S.L. Part-Supp Squat                              Single Leg Bridge                
Toe Taps                                                Mtn. Climbers

Circuit #3:                                                         Circuit #4 (Abs):
Push-up w/ Turnout                                  Sprinter/Sprinter/Suitcase (10-15)
RB Arm Series                                         Bicycles (15-25)
Lunge Matrix                                            Hip Raise w/ Leg Lower(10-15)      
MB Chops                                               Heel Touches (25)
Squat Jumps                                             3-level Crunches (10-15)

If you are in the Auburn-Opelika area, I offer weekly bootcamps, which you can drop-in for only $5/session. For those of you outside the area, I would love to design a workout program to help you meet your goals!!

In other news....
I ran for the first time in over a month yesterday (battling a torn meniscus)....and it 'twas GLORIOUS!! The last time I ran was my half-marathon in late-January, which I ran with a torn meniscus and major IT Band Syndrome, not fun, but I still finished in 1:55, despite the pain and tears! The husband and I grabbed the furbabies and headed out to Tuskegee National Forrest for a great afternoon trail run! It was cool, rainy, and the trails were muddy...just the way it should be! We left the Garmins at home (on purpose), but ran 20 minutes steady-state and 20 minutes of intervals. It felt great to be back out there!! The muddy conditions were perfect practice for our upcoming Amphibious Warriors Mud Run next month!! 

I love working out with my husband, though we don't get the opportunity as much any more, but know so many people who can't fathom the idea!! Do you workout with your significant other or do you prefer to workout by yourself or with same-sex friends??


  1. I prefer to run alone, Hubby isn't a runner, but we do go to spin class once a week together. I really enjoy the time together, especially the 15 minutes in the side by side massage chairs afterwards! I just found your site thru Healthy Tipping point and can't wait to look around. Thanks!

  2. So happy you found me! I am really looking to connect with others here!!
    That is awesome that ya'll get to spin together!! I did all my half-marathon training by myself...and I much prefer to run with others! My hubs will only do trail runs with me-he hates distance running otherwise-but is always up for speed work and intervals. We also try to get in a ride once a week on our road bikes, but sadly have not gotten in the saddle since Fall!!

  3. found you through healthy tipping point. am gonna try this workout tonight. I do a few of these moves already --- but love the box jump squats. hard but soo good! i needed this to hold me over since I have had to suspend my gym membership for the past 5 months (I <3 weightlifting!). and I can feel that my pants are getting tighter. Strength training is totally my thing, so doing cardio is somewhat painful for me. hopefully this will hold me over for the next month until I can get back into the gym - hubs just got a new job, so with that I can restart my membership. =)i wish more trainers would do cheaper boot camps, I'd be a participant in a second!

  4. @Erin-so glad you are trying it out!! I actually like both cardio and strength training! I hate the fact that so few women do any kills me!! :) Let me know how the boot camp goes for you!