Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Official!!

Its Official....I have torn my right lateral meniscus, just as I had suspected. See, my Masters in Sports Medicine can come in handy at times. After a full history, x-rays, and several special tests, it was confirmed and a plan of attack was devised.
I took the 25gauge needle in the knee like a pro, while my ortho aspirated 43cc's of fluid off my knee and injected a steroid shot. I left the office with a script for anti-inflammatory, 3 weeks of PT, and an appointment to evaluate and discuss surgical removal in August. I also left with strict orders to do no activity which causes any discomfort either during or after activity. So unless the cortisone shot was a miracle drug, I will be sticking only to upper body workouts.
**As a side note, I cannot say enough good things about the orthos at Andrew's Sports Medicine Institute and Orthopedic Clinic. I knew they were truly the best, but the fact that they not only involved me and my wishes in the treatment plan as well as the fact that I felt as important as the NFL star in the other room left me with all smiles!

To celebrate the fact that I will not be doing any high-impact activities, here's a butt-kickin' lower-body circuit for you to do in my place!! Complete 15 reps per exercise, doing all 6 exercises in a row. Take a 2-minute break, then repeat two more times!! *For single-leg exercises, do 15 reps per leg*
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Box Lunge
Partially Supported Single-Leg Squats
Squat Jumps
This workout requires no gym-membership and the only equipment you need is a step (a park bench also works great). Workout should take 15-20 minutes total!! 

Let me know your thoughts if you try out this workout, as I love to hear your feedback!!

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